make website at Cheaper cost? Know how.

Want to make website very cheap?

Well,This is very good question to be understood first as an opinion.

there are a list of website to be made at cheapest cost,But , how much cheap?

there is certain questions about to come for that,in terms of resources.

  1. Is it required database?
  2. do you also need email to be connected with it?
  3. do you want to add time-by-time in it?
  4. are you going to publish some post/article in it?
  5. if NO, for all of above 4 points , then i think you need only to display something to world.
  6. But, if you need all (1–4) points to be included, Then you are thinking something smart & innovative.

So, After it is clear about your mind about what Kind of website.

Let’s go for how you can make it cheaper.

  1. Use open source portals for make it easy & quick.(Like WordPress,Drupal,Magento…Etc)
  2. Get help from Online tutorials to learn this portals.

Lets count how much (Approx ) you have to spend :

  1. For Domain Registration (Approx $10/year)
  2. for Web hosting ($50–100/Year)
  3. for Email Setup (Generally come free with Web Hosting)
  4. For Website Development(Most important & can be very cheap of you are well connected with any good developer).

if there is any help required contact here , I am glad to help for , get things done in cheaper ways(As i am doing it for myself) .

Well , I hope this helps to understand , for any query feel free to get back .

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